Pearland, TX Bookkeeping Services

If you require first-rate bookkeeping services in Pearland, TX, you want someone who is:
  • REducated
  • RExperienced
  • RDetail-attentive
  • RAble to deliver quality work on deadline
  • RHonest
  • RRespected
  • REstablished in the community
  • RApproachable
  • RConscientious
  • RPleasant
  • RTransparent
  • RA great communicator
  • REager to take sufficient time to complete a task perfectly
You will be supplying this person with reams of confidential information about yourself or your business. You would never think of turning so much valuable information over to just any bookkeeping CPA firm in Pearland, TX, would you?

Kentrell L. Hooker is not just anyone. He is the exceptional CPA you should engage for bookkeeping, Pearland small business accounting and sound financial advice and assistance. He has worked industriously throughout his career and has distinguished himself in a demanding — and perennially in-demand — profession over the course of many years. Mr. Hooker’s reputation is time-tested, widely-recognized and well-deserved.

Kentrell Hooker
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what are hooker CPA firm, pllc’s major areas of specialization?

  1. Doing individuals’ and small businesses’ taxes
  2. Virtual (remote and online) accounting (this includes bookkeeping and payroll)
  3. Advocating for you with the Internal Revenue Service
  4. Getting business start-ups off on the right foot from a financial perspective
  • RAmerican Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS)
  • RTexas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TXCPA)
  • RAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • RNational Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

Why go to hooker CPA firm, pllc, for small business accounting and bookkeeping?

It goes without saying that you want the very best. Mr. Hooker has earned inclusion in that select category, partly because he is completely customer-focused. He goes way beyond the elemental facets of accounting and bookkeeping and gives you the tools to confidently handle aspects of your finances yourself in the future. The small business accounting services he offers start you off with the fundamentals. If you like, other helpful services can be included in your package.

Not every bookkeeping CPA firm in Pearland, TX, has an authority on QuickBooks, the recognized standard in software for bookkeeping. Mr. Hooker is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. That credential is hugely esteemed by his clients. They realize that QuickBooks is the superlative software for bookkeeping and that Mr. Hooker’s intensive, sophisticated knowledge of it can benefit them tremendously.

Don’t let your tax problems worsen. Penalties and interest will accrue by the day until your situation becomes untenable. A proactive approach is always best when you have tax issues looming over your head.

Let us show you what we can do. We’ll work hard to mitigate the tax problems you are currently facing, and we can consult with you on how to avoid issues in the years to come. We even handle tax preparation and bookkeping services that always keep an eye toward minimizing IRS contacts.

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Bookkeeping Services In Pearland, TX, Are Vital To Your Small Business

Having bookkeeping that is done accurately, down to the tiniest detail, is essential for the success and longevity of any kind of small business. However, not every owner or manager is able to navigate that responsibility themselves. Maybe they lack the savvy or are too busy. Perhaps they mistakenly believe that it’s just a frill, not a necessity that can’t be compromised upon. Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC, takes the worry about bookkeeping off your mind so you can concentrate on the things you love to do most that boost your business.

hire kentrell l. hooker, the foremost pearland, tx, bookkeeper for smbs

With Mr. Hooker’s assistance, you can have your bookkeeping and accounting done properly so it will never again be a stumbling block to having a thriving small business.

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