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If you need exceptionally professional bookkeeping services in League City, TX, Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC is a perfect choice. We’re managed and owned by Kentrell L. Hooker who perfected his bookkeeping and tax strategies while working at Deloitte Tax LLP. As many of our clients know, Deloitte is respected as a Big Four public accounting firm, worldwide.

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Trusted bookkeeping cpa firm in league city, tx

Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC, is a trusted name in bookkeeping because we’re a team of certified public accountants with tremendous experience. Furthermore, Kentrell L. Hooker is registered with the State of Mississippi and Texas. We will keep your books clean and orderly with the use of QuickBooks software. QuickBooks will make your life easier at tax time and you’ll spend far less time with tax preparation.

Our well-honed strategies and methods as a top bookkeeping CPA firm in League City, TX, will decrease the chance of audits in the future.

Here are some additional reasons why Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC, is a trusted name in bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation for small businesses:

  1. We’ve worked with many businesses to vastly improve their tax strategy.
  2. We draw valuable experience from respected Big Four public accounting firms.
  3. We provide innovative tax solutions that are always current and compliant.
  4. We deliver a high degree of professionalism and courtesy to all our clients.
  5. We know how to greatly minimize the chance of tax audits.

If your company is not currently using QuickBooks for your League City small business accounting, we can clearly delineate why it’s a good reason to start now. We provide the following virtual accounting services (and more):

  • RPayroll services
  • ROnline and remote virtual accounting
  • RClean, organized, tax code compliant bookkeeping services

Successful tax preparation begins with organized bookkeeping. We’ll help you in this regard and it will make your operations go more smoothly for the next tax year and beyond. Bookkeeping and tax preparation can be very time consuming without help from an experienced firm with the proper credentials and certifications.

However, even though we use complicated tax jargon with the IRS, we’ll always be careful to explain our methods in clear terms when dealing with our valued clients. In our primary package of bookkeeping services, we’ll perform the following:

  • RGenerate a balance sheet.
  • RMake sure your general ledger is clean and correct.
  • RProvide valuable bookkeeping and tax consultations.
  • RReconcile your bank account
  • RGenerate an income statement.

We offer many more financial and accounting services than the ones listed above and we’re happy to explain them and their associated benefits.

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